The Discover Snorkeling experience introduces the general public to the underwater world. Since most people can learn to snorkel safely on their own, Discover Snorkeling focuses on providing guidance and assistance while they explore.
Discover Snorkeling activities are promoted as trips, tours and experiences, rather than training.

This guide provides tips and suggestions for organizing snorkeling adventures and leading tours for both snorkelers and supplied air snorkelers. You’ll also find information about how to attract and cater to snorkeler

Supplied Air Snorkeling

Supplied Air Snorkeling systems are BCD-like flotation devices with a compressed air tank and regulator. The units allow users to swim on the surface and breathe air supplied via a regulator and tank. The units are designed so that the participants are unable to submerge. Weights are not used with the units.
The units are attractive options for those who are ineligible to dive or do not wish to descend on scuba, yet prefer the units to use of traditional snorkeling equipment.
Participants must be 5 years of age or older. A diving certification is not required to fill the tanks. A Supplied Air Snorkeling
(SAS) decal affixed to the tank identifies it as part of a Supplied Air Snorkeling system. Additionally, an optional recognition card is available for the owners of such units. PADI Members are encouraged to fill SAS tanks for their customers.
Discover Snorkeling guidelines may be used when participants in PADI programs are using SAS systems.

Key Standards

  • Prerequisite certification: none
  • Minimum age: none
  • Participant-to- Ratios are left to the dive leader’s
  • PADI Member ratio: discretion. Exercise sound judgment relative to the environment, conditions, ability to control the group and any other relevant factors when determining appropriate ratio
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