This three day course is a very important step in expanding diver knowledge and experience.
As with all PADI courses, it is 'performance' based and involves classroom, confined water and beach skill-development sessions followed by five open water training sessions.
In this course you will examine and practice scenarios in the following:

  • Self-rescue and diver stress management.
  • Diving first aid.
  • Emergency management.
  • Equipment considerations.
  • Response to tired or panicked diver.
  • Response from shore or boat with both a conscious and unconscious victim.
  • Distressed diver scenario.
  • Surfacing an unconscious diver.
  • Unconscious diver at the surface.
  • Egress with an unconscious diver.
  • First aid for pressure related injuries .
  • Underwater search scenario, response, egress and management scenarios.


Advanced Open Water Diver
Minimum age -15
EFR training or similar

Course structure: three theory lessons and five dives in two days.

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