Hello and shalom.

Eyal Diving services were formed in the year 1988 at Eilat, Israel by a number of senior dive instructors that served as navy divers in the Israeli navy, deep sea divers unit.
At the beginning of its way Eyal Diving services was dealing mostly in giving general diving services and also dealt with number businesses in doing underwater work, counseling, and instructing within Israel and outside.
Eyal Diving Services Company is expanding its line of work today in the field of security above and below the water line, defending private and commercial vessels, private and commercial ports.
The security assures prevention and protection against terrorist and criminal acts against its customers.

The company has gained its experience in the field of marine security while serving in the special marine units of the Israeli navy and Israeli coast guard marine police.
Today Eyal Diving Services is specializing in the developing and instructing both recreational and technical diving in Israel, starting from the basic level of introduction to master instructor level.
Managing the company and its crew is PADI Course Director Eyal Sayag which gained his high level of experience in diving and instructing divers in the last 13 years of intensive work at the recreational and technical diving in Israel and outside it, countries such as United States of America, Hawaii, Thailand, Australia, South Africa and Central America.

The company also supplies for the last 8 years counseling and instruction for teaching and certifying new dive instructors in the recreational dive field and also in the technical field with various gas mixing to the Red Sea Sport Club "Manta" which is rated by Padi as a 5 star for developing instructors and won many prizes by many organizations.

Eyal Sayag holds today the highest level of certification available from the PADI organization in Israel and has no other in Israel that holds the same level of certification. As a course director Eyal manage, instruct, test, evaluate and certify instructors for dives in different variety of gas mixing such as Trimix (Helium, Oxygen and Nitrogen) that allows Eyal to supervise directly and instruct his customers directly. This means that the company's customers who are using the company's tools and services are assured to have a direct and loyal service which will assure the best security and pleasure of it costumers. This off course does not differ by level of certification

Each level of certification is assured to receive the best supervision and instruction level by the company.

Each costumer is also assured to receive the service that is requested by him from the company which is also supervised and approved by the Israeli recreational dive committee, Israeli ministry of education sports and culture.

We wish you a pleasant safe diving experience, and we wish to see you diving with us or using our available services.

Many thanks, truly yours.

Eyal Sayag,

Company manager and head instructor




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